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New year, new idea!

Postby Jester » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:11 pm

Hiya everyone,

Just to ask everyone if they could help.

A while ago I asked if we could leave a couple of spaces in ongoing games where possible so we don’t have a repeat of what we have for the new set.... 3 our of four games is full with players from previously run games, great for all the players from those games but new players and players who were in the 4th game are then limited to a game that may not rock their world. So can we limit the roll overs to max 1 game at a time, and even then leave a slot open for a rogue new layer.

Now I don’t want to muscle into your fun, but now it’s come to a point where we need a 5th game, and spread the players more evenly, after all we have new players coming to us every few weeks and the DMs don’t want anymore than 6 players ideally, so on the 7th of Jan we will have a start of session meeting , one off games, card or board games and set up a new game set, we will need 4 more games as I am going to run a variant of my Cthulhu game from the 1890s.
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