Game Set 21st May 2017 - 25th June 2017

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Re: Game Set 21st May 2017 - 25th June 2017

Postby Lewis » Mon May 08, 2017 5:03 pm

Woo hoo. Arcana and Draconic it is then.

I understand what you are saying re Arcane Trickster, so 'Mage Hand' at L1 is pointless if going down that route later (unless it can be replaced with a different cantrip, maybe).

So, what to pick instead? I'm not convinced a damage dealing spell is the best way to go as a rogue cannot use Sneak Attack with spells, AND will have to use their non-optimum ability score for attack rolls, so seems rather pointless.

I thought 'Friends' sounded cool, giving me the advantage with CHA based rolls like Deception or Persuasion. But then I actually read the spell description and realised it is a terrible, terrible spell, that no-one in their right mind would pick. Seriously, it sucks. It sucks big, hairy Orc balls. It actually should be named 'Enemies', it's *that* bad.

'Message' would be useful in certain situations for passing on info unobserved, but is far too situational to be a good choice. Likewise 'Minor Illusion' would be useful, but in very limited circumstances and would probably be too easy to save against to be reliable, even then.

'Prestidigitation' sounds like fun, but would probably end up just being used to annoy the other PCs, rather than anything useful.

Arrgghh. I might end up going with 'Fire Bolt'', after all!

If so.... Will the bonus to the attack roll be my proficiency Attack bonus plus my INT bonus? Or just my INT bonus? And does the ability/INT bonus apply to damage as well? Looking at the High Elf character in the starter set, it looks like the spell attack bonus (5) is Proficiency (2) plus INT modifier (3).

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Re: Game Set 21st May 2017 - 25th June 2017

Postby ColinBuckler » Mon May 08, 2017 7:41 pm

There are about 16 different Wizard cantrips you can choose - might be best to review during character creation and select then.

It would INT (+3) + Proficiency (+2) bonus, so as you say +5 to hit.

There prerequisites to Sneak Attack such as surprise, advantage on the attack or a friend with 5ft. If these are not met a 1d10 damage is nice, scaling to 2d10 at 5th...etc.

But there might still be better options for cantrips from the list.
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