Response to Tiddy : Members Behaviour

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Response to Tiddy : Members Behaviour

Postby geekrichieuk » Tue May 31, 2016 8:46 am

Members Behaviour
Postby wherestheinn » Mon May 30, 2016 11:08 am

I think members need to consider their behaviour towards other members.

Two weeks ago I expressed an interest in joining one of the games starting last night. Last week I agreed with the DM what type of character I would be playing.

When I arrived last night, the game already had 6 players and before I could establish what was going on, someone shouted "you're out of the game!"

I found the behaviour of that group to be upsetting, disrespectful and basically ignorant.

Thankfully it seems to be a small minority, but if this is their attitude then I hope they will accept being kicked out of other DM's games with no explanation in the future...

Tiddy, first of all, disrespectful behaviour extends to posting derogatory posts on the board in a place that we cannot reply to them. Please, allow us our say.

Second of all, It was Josh who called out to you Sunday, and he did not shout "You're out of the game". He shouted "We've got 7 players!" - If you'd have slowed down, you'd have noticed the 7th empty chair already set out for you and the 6 other players at the table waiting for you.

Threatening to kick any member at this club out of your games, or asking your friends to do the same isn't really in the spirit of this community, so let me say this - We will always welcome anyone without a game at our table, whether we are 5 or 15.

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Re: Response to Tiddy : Members Behaviour

Postby Jester » Tue May 31, 2016 1:48 pm

I would never tell a DM who they can or cannot have in their games, and I am sure now that Tiddy has seen this post he will understand it was a total misunderstanding. I joined this club a long time ago for two reasons, first I am a geek, but we all are and secondly because the people at the club were and still are very welcoming and helpful, Tiddy was one of the first to welcome me and although he can be a total grouch, his heart is in the right place even if he does run a little hot at times. Everyone has a bad week and unfortunately Tiddy has has a rough year so far and that at have taken him straight to red before he heard the remaining conversation. To his defence the hall can be very noisy and the lads can be short, so Tiddy wouldn't have caught the invite.

Put your pistols down gentlemen, and return to your seconds. This duel is over!
If all about you are losing their heads.... maybe your the one holding the axe!!

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Re: Response to Tiddy : Members Behaviour

Postby magnus » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:39 am

so long as your sorry thats all that matters

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