Mission 2: The Lake Champlain Job

They were a team of elite Special Forces commandos, accused of crimes they DID commit. They escaped and became Mercenaries.
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Mission 2: The Lake Champlain Job

Postby Lewis » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:45 pm

The Lake Champlain Job

Back in the USA, Col. Jones was contacted by Ben Warde - currently head of security for Allard Technologies (AT) – and a fellow graduate of West Point. Capt. Warde had narrowly survived an attempt on his life by his own lieutenant, Randall Harker, second in command of the elite Tiger security force. Like Jumbo and Warde, Harker is a graduate of West Point military academy.

Together with Kevin Allard - corporate lawyer and son of AT boss Kenneth Allard - Ben explained that Savage Island in Lake Champlain and the Allard property “Stormhaven” had been taken over by mutinous Tiger guards. The team were given various weapons and gadgets and hired to secretly infiltrate the island and achieve the following without alerting the authorities:

    1. Prevent secret research leaving the island.
    2. Rescue family and guests, including Kevin’s sister Marjorie Allard, her friend Jennifer Renwick, author Seamus Cromwell and celebrity socialite Lady Victoria Burke-Jones.
    3. Capture Harker.
    4. Capture the rebel Tigers.
    5. Discover the connection between the rebel Tigers so that other traitors can be identified.
Putting B M's mini-sub and their newly acquired diving skills to good use, the team infiltrated the island successfully. Thanks to the cunning impersonation skills and accurate shooting of new recruit Joao and Ryan’s unparalleled ability to “sneak about and blow shit up”, their mission is almost entirely successful. They discovered that Professor Seamus Cromwell was leading a religious cult called the Church of Crom. This cult hired mercenary Harker to infiltrate the Tigers and subvert other personnel and get them into a position to seize the island and its advanced technology.

After a fierce gun battle, all of the rebel Tigers were killed or captured – apart from Randall Harker who narrowly escaped across the lake towards Canada as a wounded B M Murtaugh tried to stop him with a Barrett “Light 50”. The other followers of the cult (the ‘WAGs of Crom’ as Jumbo called them) were captured. The speedboat Harker stole is later found at the bottom of the lake, having sunk due to a number of large holes in the hull. There is no sign of Harker’s body.

Whilst rescuing Kenneth, Joao spotted a gold statue in an EM shielding device known as a Faraday Cage in the AT underground laboratory beneath Stormhaven. From his description, his comrades later realised this was the statue of Shiva they had ‘liberated’ from Rajallapor some months earlier.

Allard Technology pay the team $20,000 each plus a gadget of their choice from the advanced toys of AT’s R&D arm. Kevin’s legal legerdemain keeps the authorities from enquiring too closely into the team.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, with psuedo-historical colour for role-playing purposes only. Any resemblance to real people, countries or organisations, is purely coincidental.

Remember that “Spycraft Mercenaries” is meant to be a pastiche of the real world, with the action dial turned all the way up to 11. As such, whilst there are large elements of truth in the descriptions above, they are not identical with their real world counterparts, as I have exaggerated or ignored certain elements for the sake of good game play. In particular, I do not pretend that everything written above about specific people should be assumed to be true in the real world.

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