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Black Ops Character Generation

Postby Walrus » Tue May 09, 2017 10:48 pm

To All Black Ops potential players.
The first session will primarily be a character generation session with a small amount of intro.
Characters will be based on a heroic 200pts (Usual human starts at 50pts).
Players can chose anyone to play no restrictions on country of origin, race or profession, although truly evil characters will not make it through the training.
You have no prior knowledge that training is going to take place, but thinking about the following questions may aid in your characters background.

Regardless of what your character will eventually become, keep in mind that he was pretty impressive before he ever became an op. Some thought should be given to his life before the Academy. In this spirit, answer the following questions in character:

1. What was your upbringing? Determine what kind of people your parents were, what kind of education you had, and where you grew up. Were you a military brat, moving from base to base, never planting roots, and becoming comfortable with many types of people early on? Or did you grow up in an isolated village in Vermont, where smoking grass and exploring the woods were the limits of available entertainment? Did you get along with your parents?
2. What were your morals, and their source? Were you religious? Did you believe in a supreme being? More than one? Did you believe humanity was inherently good or evil? Neither? Was your basic philosophy/faith homespun, given to you by your family, or learned later in life, perhaps at school or from an early romantic partner? What qualities did you admire most in others?
3. What was your opinion on violence and weaponry? Not all black ops were soldiers and cops. Did you believe that killing was sometimes necessary? Did you hunt? Did you own and use firearms? Blades? Did you protest war, either quietly or publicly?
4. Did you believe in life on other planets? Had you ever seen a UFO? Did you know anybody who claimed to be an abductee? Did you think we were alone in the universe? Did you think the government was hiding the truth about aliens?
5. How did you feel about your native country? Were you a proud patriot, antipatriotic or just indifferent to the concept? Did you think your government was honest, just and well-run? Did you think your government’s agencies and staff were competent and worthy of respect?
6. What was your career and what were your motives? What did you do for a living? Did you enjoy it, or just do it to pay the rent? Did you have a career, or drift from job to job? What really motivated you? Money? Power? Comfort? Friends? Love? Sex? Travel? Justice? Learning? The thrill of adventure? What were your hobbies and pursuits, other than your work?
7. What were the most important moments of your life? Who was your first love? Who was your first close friend to die? When were you happiest and most satisfied? What is your most painful memory?

You don’t need to write down all the answers in the form of a character story, but if you have the time, please consider it! If you don’t have the time, just a quick read-through can improve your character concept dramatically.

Sorry about the long post but you can really play anything you want.

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