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Background Sounds

Postby ColinBuckler » Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:08 pm

In your RPG game have you ever considered ambient sounds for mood setting?

Imagine the echo of footsteps on a dungeon floor and the gentle drip of water. Or the sounds of girggling water in the marsh whilst frogs croak in the background.....

Well its easy to create this sounds by following the steps below:

(1) Download Audacity - this is a sound editing program but it has the great ability to record via a sound loopback function. What does this mean? well simply put it allows you to record on your computer any sound that you are playing from any source.

Download: (free)

(2) Visit and search for a sound. For example you can search for "dungeon" and you will get quite a few matches - select one. You will then be presented with a sound mixer where you can tweak the sounds (remove/add new ones) and play a sample.

(3) In Audacity, choose the “Windows WASAPI” audio host and then an appropriate loopback device — for example, “Speakers (loopback)” or “Headphones (loopback).”

(4) Play the sound on the web page and when you are ready press record in Audacity - this will record the sound effects in Audacity. When finished you can press stop. I would let Audacity record for about 1 hour (will result in about 60 - 70mb file).

(5) Using Audacity you can mark the first 3 seconds of the record track and using Effects -> Fade IN create a gradual volume increase from silent to normal volume. Do the same for the last 3 seconds but select Effects -> Fade out.

(6) Now that you have your file Export it and it will create the file as a MP3 file for you to play during your session.
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Re: Background Sounds

Postby geekrichieuk » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:24 pm

There's a pretty good app I have (but neglect to use)


Has ambient weather, music and sound effects.

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