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new haven

Postby magnus » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:13 pm

sent to hunt down the skinheads a ruthless gang of racists that sent one of there squads from there planet back to earths to terrorise everybody. The doberman corp sent a 6 man squad to deal with the skinhead squad after countless damages were done to most of the surrounding area in the fight that insued. The doberman corp decided to ''give them some time off'' to the squad after about 12 months they were recruted back to find and kill the skinhead gang once and for all.

They entered a seeder/battleship named the mordikai and blasted off to the point of origin from where the the skinhead squad first came from. This mission would take 40 months to get there and upon ariving and setting two feet on the planet 2 spider tanks and alot of infentry arested them and were then sent to the maximem sacurity prison on the moon for crimes they did not comit

the squad
sparks the techie
charges: overloading the powerbox in a hospital and killing nearly every patiant in the place and the slauhter of a police officer

richard chambers the medtechie
charges: poisining a senitor and taking all of his credits

mito the fixer
charges: enbesilment puplic nudity blackmail

carebear the nomad
charges: seduction murder framing others for her crimes

carter bruce aka chatter the corp
charges:corperate sabotarge of his own corp murder of a police officer

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