Captain's Log - Lady Marianne

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Captain's Log - Lady Marianne

Postby Lewis » Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:45 pm

Captain's Log of Lady Marianne du Bois - Group Administrator, IISS (retd.)

These are the voyages of the ISS walk softly and carry A BIG STICK, our five year mission... ah nuts, who am I kidding. We won't last five weeks.

After four years of college and 12 years serving the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service in a variety of thrilling and very important administration postings, I have finally mustered out, and earned the privilege of a Scout Ship to manage. I have gathered a suitable crew. I'd better introduce them:

Frederico Juarez, a fellow erstwhile member of the IISS, he's a good Pilot of ships large and small.
Toddhunter, also an ex-Scout, Pilot and Vehicle specialist.
Space Hand Jurgen, ex-Navy, Communications and Gunnery. So, I guess if he can't talk to it, he can shoot it.
Grrrr! (well, I think that's his name) a Vargr, not sure what job he previously held, but he's now ship's Chef, Nurse and Engineer. O_o

Naturally, given my rank as a Lady and the fact I'm the only Solomani, and my total gorgeous hotness, I am in charge. Well, that and it's my bloody ship.

All of us, apart from the Vargr, received recall papers. We reported to the Battlecruiser INS Regal Splendor in orbit around Efate. They made me wait in a briefing room for 15 minutes. Me! Typical Navy, bunch of <section deleted>. We were briefed by two very rum coves. One navy (no idea what rank) and the other Mr Menteeth of the Planetary Rescue Systems Inspecorate. Another fine (albeit obscure) branch of the glorious IISS!

An investigation into a number of ship disappearances over the last two years has revealed that the Communist government on Alell has been providing covert protection and safe harbour to privateers, in return for weapons and other hi-tech items. This must be stopped.

We've been given three aims:

1) Stop the piracy (well, duh)
2) Let the commie government of Alel know that we know, and that we (the Imperium) will be more direct in future.
3) Get the crews of the pirated ships released - our price for maintaining the delicate status quo in the sub-sector.

To those ends we will travel on the INS Regal Splendor on a diplomatic visit, to an orbital station above Alell. Then we have to somehow sneak down to the surface, into the capitol city, Naness. Travel to the Sable Rose club, then kidnap or kill the club owner, Jurgen (uh oh) Cottrel, who organises the piracy. We are to leave a threatening letter in his office, for the attention of the politbureau.

Piece of cake! <sobs>

Lady Marianne, out.

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