Campaign Diary

The heroes of The Coastguard are the kingdom's last, best hope against the undead hordes!
Edwyn's occasional D&D 3.5 campaign set in the Principality of Gwynedd, in the mythical world of the North Kingdom.
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Campaign Diary

Postby Lewis » Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:06 pm

Brother Stefano has asked me to jot down some notes on what happened in Pontvol, so that he can refer to them when he reports back to the Bishop. I must admit I'm still feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous, and my memory seems to have some gaps in it, so I'm not sure how accurate these notes will be. Still, here goes...

We forded the Volar and arrived in Pontvol late in the afternoon. The trade caravan we'd been accompanying had been harried by goblins and bandits most of that day and the preceeding day and night, so we were all fairly fatigued. We booked straight into the inn at the Sign of the Green Griffon. Bro. Stefano planned to visit the Shrine of Reflection and deliver the Bishop's missives to local priest Bro. Montrel the following morning, when he was feeling fresher.

However, in the middle of the night we were rudely awoken by the doors bursting open and an attack by shambling, half decayed animated corpses. Bro. Stefano said they were zombies! Along with our companions, we fought them off and rescued a couple of local residents downstairs. Outside we heard screams and a glance through the window showed that foul zombies were everywhere, grabbing residents of the village and dragging them off somewhere. It looked like the entire "population" of the village graveyard had suddenly risen from their graves and attacked!

Led by myself and the ranger Tharimor, we headed for the Shrine of Reflection, assuming this would be the safest place. Along the way we had to fight off more zombies, but we also managed to rescue locals and take them with us. At the Shrine I discovered one reason why attendances might be dropping - Bro. Montrel had rigged up a trap at the front doors! Fortunately, I was easily able to disarm this trap and once we dragged Montrel out of hiding, Bro. Stefano gave him a severe talking to.

It appeared the zombies were dragging people off to the graveyard for some unknown, but doubtless evil, reason. With Brother Montrel in tow, we headed straight there, after telling the rest of the survivors to lock themselves in the Shrine.

As we approached the cemetery, we could make out an eerie witch-ilght pulsing over the graveyard. The eldritch fox-fire silhouetted a macabre scene. Ten zombies were standing in a circle in the graveyard's centre, clutching five villagers in their filthy undead hands. In the middle of the ring, a tall and well-preserved undead figure stood with its hands locked around the head of a shrieking villager. Evil light burned like a green fire in this creature's eyes and with a moan of hellish pleasure it drained the life from the hapless farmer, whose ash-grey corpse tumbled to the ground.

As the zombies started to drag a fresh victim to the creature in the centre of the ring, Bro. Stefano leapt into action, "It's a wight!" he yelled, and then brandished his holy solar symbol and commanded the undead to back off. Most of the zombies fled before his display of righteous holy wrath, fortunately freeing the villagers. The rest of us attacked the reamining undead. Unfortunately, the wight was not affected by the commands from either of the clerics. We fought it hard but it grabbed me and I felt my own life slipping away. Before it could drain me completely, our companions hacked it to pieces with their blades. It seemed especially resistant to anything except magic and silver.

As I rest, trying to recover, I am quickly writing this note of our experience, as requested. However, I have a sinking feeling this horror is not yet over...

To the best of my recollection this is a true and accurate summation of our experiences so far. Signed by my own hand,
Dylan Huws,
servant to Brother Stefano of Pelor.

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Experience awards

Postby Edwyn » Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:31 pm

Here's the XP awards for the first part of the adventure. This takes account of zombies in the inn and the streets, the big fight in the graveyard, also Dylan gets XP for the trap and loses Xp for being level drained (down to halfway through level 1). I awarded 600 bonus XP (100 each) for thinking to rescue the villagers and get them to safety.

New XP totals:

Brother Stefano Badiel: 2,600

Dylan Huws: 2,400

Morgan Thrax: 2,600

Tharimor Liadon: 2,600

Belin Goblinslicer: 2,600

Balena Mardok: 2,600

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