From the shadows....

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From the shadows....

Postby Mark » Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:41 pm

Right, For the benefit of Jez who wasn't available last Sunday the rest of the party made up their characters, we briefly discussed the background of the planet you are on and it's history for the last five years. They then made a Compact which is a list of secondary objectives that should lead towards the completion of the primary objective that I gave them.

Over the next couple of days I'll put up a more detailed version of the background I spoke about last Sunday so Jez, you'll know whats going on and everyone will be able to have a think about what part they have played in the events over the last five years.
The history will be more of a loose list of key events and I highly encourage my players to expand on it and add their deeds to flesh it out.
Remember you're not basic low level Dark Heresy characters so you could have been the leading character in major events, if you wish... try and keep it sensible though. Hopefully this should become a bit clearer when the history is up.

The group so far consists of the following players (I can't remember all the character names so I'll add these later).
Jack - Renegade, big man with a heavy bolter
Hayley - Psyker, Dark master of telekinesis
Gez - Psyker, Incredibly powerful Psker. He can melt you brain from miles away
Mitch - Apostate, Creepy doctor / scientist.
Josh / Magnus - Renegade, silent killer from the shadows.
Jez - I've made you a Heretek but if you don't fancy that we'll come up with something else.

I don't intend to post a campaign log although I will be keeping one. The inital intention was to run cross over games where the actions of these Heretics are the source of the Inquisitorial investigations.

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A little background

Postby Mark » Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:46 am

Five years have past since what has become known as the Great Betrayal. For whatever their reasons, the agents of the God Emperor chose to destroy your planet without warning. Irrespective of your claims of innocence the light of the Emperor has forever turned away from you. Leaving you alone in the dark on a dead planet.

Five years have past and no one has remained innocent for long, through violent acts of self-preservation you have survived and grew in both power and influence. Other survivors have emerged from the ruins and from the chaos an order (of sorts) was established.

The survivors a mix of fortunate (or unfortunate) Top-siders that happened to be sheltered in someway from the viral / fire bombing of the planet and the Underworlders - A society of mutants and criminals that for centuries have hidden in shadows beneath the surface.

Once the initial storms had abated the survivors scrambled to the surface, aghast at the complete destruction of their lives they gazed at the crooked blackened stumps of their former cities.

Although it's destruction was a complete as any other, for some reason the former city of Cirstiele has become a beacon for the survivors and many thousands have already flocked through its (badly repaired) gates.

With a soft guiding voice and stern bloody hand Lord Ho'tek has risen to power and although many oppose him, few do so openly.

Factions within Cirstiele

The Shadow Prophets
Arguably the most influential faction given that their leader is Ho’tek the Saviour. The Shadow Prophets are the main governing body and although a council made up of delegates from each faction has acting control of the city and its resources The Shadow Prophets are the true driving force behind any decision made.
Based in the Black Spire at the heart of the city state they are the administration for all resources within the city and are solely responsible for the distribution of Food and water. Although still revered as the saviour Ho’tek has come across increasing opposition as of late. Most recently The Church of the Damned, through an elaborate scheme forced Ho’tek to appoint a new faction leader to the Blood Talons contrary to his plans of merging their faction with his own.

Storm Crows
One of the largest faction however it has usually has the fewest members within the city. The Storm Crows are the pathfinders, the explorers and salvage crews.
Without the Storm Crows the city would have not have the resources it currently boasts and they are awarded the respect that they deserve. However they usually seem disinterested in how others perceive them and any time not out in the wastes is usual spent planning their next journey.

As the name suggests this faction primarily is concerned with the development and maintenance of all tech within the city and often crews of Techies will accompany Storm Crows when out salvaging.
Tech-Reapers also act as the weapon-smiths for the city, be it replenishing ammo stocks or just maintaining weapons. This gives them an unbalanced level of power within the hierarchy of the city and other factions have often had to make heavy concessions to accommodate them. Fortunately for the stability of the city the Tech-Reapers are the smallest faction and somewhat eccentric in their behaviour, often preferring to spend long hours alone tinkering than vying for political power.
Tech-Reapers horde vast amounts of junk but occasionally a useful item can be found.

Blood Talons
A militaristic faction that idealises both discipline and uncontrollable rage, split into two fields of specialisation close combat and long range they represent the standing army of the city. Where as other factions all have a fighting force amongst their number the Blood Talons have nothing but a fighting force.
Often thought of as the attack dogs of the Shadow Prophets their new leader K’hord has shown he is more than just a mindless soldier and would appear to have friends in very high places.

Flesh Terrors
Where the Tech-Reapers concern themselves with the reclamation and repair of technology the Flesh-Terrors concentrate primarily with the relationship between flesh and machine. Their ranks initially made up of former Mechanicus members have recently swollen due to the increase in the need for prosthetics and other mechanical implants.
They have a good relationship both with The Afflicted whose strange practices are sometimes the very thing that brings newcomers their ranks, and also the Tech-reapers who to a degree share their admiration for all things Tech.

Gloom Wraiths
The term Gloom Wraith became popular among the masses a term they used to describe themselves, being disposed ghosts of their former selves.
This faction albeit the most numerous has virtually no sway within the council. Its numbers are made up of those without any great speciality or drive.
The gloom Wraiths are the labourers, the clean-up crews and general dogs bodies within the city. They grease the city cogs with their blood and sweat to keep everything moving along smoothly.

The Afflicted
This faction is composed of a vibrant mix of Scientists, theologists, free thinkers and medically trained professionals.
They act as the Medical arm of the city and through a blend of curative knowledge, science and indiscriminate experimentation they heal the cities populace, sort of.
Among their ranks a new practice has emerged which to outsides may seem closer to an occult holistic therapy than any scientific approach to curing ailments. Foremost in this practice is Ezic Cripkin, whose students have grown vastly in recent months. Whether this boost is due to the increase in virulent outbreaks or whether the increase in outbreaks is due to the additional student he now has is unclear.

The Church of the Damned
The masses need something to keep them quite so lets make up a religion. Well that was the initial thought however over time the religion has grown vast in its power and the former architect (Ho'tek) no longer has control of its preachings.
At some point the scales tipped away from Ho'tek and the religion took on what can only be described as a life of its own with dark practices and strange rituals become a staple diet of its fanatical followers.
The Church itself is not a united front, which may explain why they haven’t as yet seized control from Ho'tek. Their are 5 schools of thought, each claiming to have the correct interpretation of the teachings.

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