Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - 09/07/12 - Summary

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Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - 09/07/12 - Summary

Postby DrEvil » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:28 am

Today saw a 3-way game of Fantasy Warhammer. Each team ran 1500pts under a modified Watchtower scenario.
Empire (JD) deployed in the centre of the table with High Elves (Mike) and Dwarves (Steve) attacking from both sides. Victory Points were to decide the game over 6 turns.

Rather than stick to defending the township in the centre of the board. Empire went on the offensive throwing the weight of the army against the faster moving High Elves and only sending a unit of Knights of the Inner Circle against the dwarves.

The resultant battle over a foreshortened 5 turn game saw a crushing defeat of High Elves by Empire along with a few points either way between Dwarves and Empire. Final points after 5 Turns:

Empire: 1,894
Dwarves 340
High Elves 160

Well done JD. Picking tactics over storyline really did work on this occasion


Re: Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - 09/07/12 - Summary

Postby FriarJD » Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:44 pm

I concur, an enjoyable game which saw me play against High Elves for the first time in years I believe. My unit of the match from my own army has to be a unit now affectionately called 'the rambo boys' which was a detachment of 12 free company militia (to a swordsmen parent unit) who only lost four of their number over the game. The real reason for their naming though is because they killed, on their own, a High Elf Arch Mage and were instrumental in the destruction of a unit of white lions (with Korhil) a unit of phoenix guard (with Caradyran) and a unit of lothern sea guard! I would say that they more than earned their points back, and a name for the unit.

I can also now concur that the War Altar of Sigmar is worth its points and gives out invaluable buffs with the prayers of the Arch Lector, and will shoot to the top of my painting list as soon as I find said list.

Thanks for the game guys, it was quite enjoyable considering that I was at first sandwiched between two rather nasty armies :D

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