Venture city : 1st third

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Venture city : 1st third

Postby Pockymasterjay » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:25 am

Heroics! The iso have sent out invitations to 5 unlikely heroes.

The blob : a mysterious maleable monstrous mass of mysterious origins and just about enough intelligence.

Ink : the interuniversal ink spraying interloper, a reality show contestant from another universe wit has a flare for the dramatic.

The blank : the fantastic thief with a knack for negating, he may not look like a hero but sometimes that's just what you need.

Magic man : a master of magical manipulation and mysterious misdirection, with a hat that fits a extra dimensional space.

Silverhawk : the tenacious technological machine minded man with a mechanical suit and godly gadgets.

These five were tested in a replica bank job, resulting in posting through a letter box, blowing up one wall, crashing through another, stealing office supplies and more.

After that, the iso leader, watchdog sent our gang to a museum the guard the rare and valuable southern cross diamond. In the evening, silverhawk spied a suspicious catering truck. Half the team met up with the mysterious count weldon on the main room, as ink met up with "number 12" a fellow member of the reality show with unknown powers. The gang foiled the plans of a phantom thief with some handy gadgets and unwilling blob vore.

The investigation of a cult came next. The group rendezvoused with a new member. Detective fame, a influential investigator with a sarcastic nature. The team decided to split up. A night mission came first. Resulting in a church infiltration, the theft of a spade, breaking into a village hall, and nocturnal stealth. In the morning the other half disguised as a camera crew made a fairly successful attempt at interviewing and arrived at the church to confront the cult leaders. After blocking the powers and restraining the duo with the blob, the mission succeeded.

Then there was a very strange inclusion of eastenders, the group heard rumors of a financing organisation for villains. Then met Jonathan steele. Head of iso usa and president of America who intends them to come by and show off.

Are our heroes up for the job?
Will ink cause more trouble with his showing off?
Will the blob swallow more people?
Can our team deal with Americans?
Will a cruise ship be involved?

The answer to these questions and more, next time on venture city!

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